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Cortanna Kane (completed)

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Cortanna Kane (completed)

Post by Arida Rose on Sun Apr 12, 2015 4:30 pm

Name: Cortanna Kane
Alias: Cor, Lust, Sin of Lust, Lady Lust, Bluejay
Age: 16
Gender: female
Sexuality: heterosexual
Birthday: December 1st
Group: Deadman
Blood type: AB negative

She is very kind, and compassionate of others. But much like her name implies, Bluejay, she can be loud and mischievous. She often enjoys pranking people, and can come off slightly childish to those he have never seen her in battle. Her targets of mischievousness are usually strangers, those who don't know of her or her status as a Deadman. For her friends, she is protective and kind. She hates to see them get hurt. She turns incredibly furious and dangerous when aggravated. Her eyes turn a deep black colour when angry. She has never been seen crying, not after her parents left her at Wonderland, deeming her some sort of monster because of her power. She has been stone cold ever since, except for the few people that she has decided are 'alright.' If you manage to be her friend, you are lucky, she lets few people in, and guards them all carefully once she believes that they are her true friend.

Cortanna is very quite on the inside. She is cold and alone with her thoughts. This was because her parents had left her in Wonderland when she was younger. She doesn't trust many people at first glance. It takes a little warming up to her, and earning her trust. But she does come around eventually. Her thoughts are often cold and she perceives herself as alone. She wishes to have many more friends, but cannot bring herself to speak to anyone. She then communicates with people by playing jokes and pranks on them. It is her only way to cope with the outside world. People may see her as childish for these small pranks, but if she would ever prank you, it can be a sign of her fascination in you. She won't speak first, so don't expect her to speak to you first, she won't. Speaking to her first would probably be a good idea, though, there is always the chance that she will brush people off. Yet, her curiosity will peek, and if she believes you are worth it, she'll most likely befriend you.


Pranking people: she finds its the only way to really connect with people given that she isn't a socialite. This is also her way of somewhat seeking the attention that wasn't given to her as child.

Weaponry: she took an interest in her power, her scythe, when her power first came at the age of 8. She now has a vast knowledge of any weapon though she prefers her branch of sin out of any weapon.

Chocolate: it's a once a year thing. Her father will send her a small piece to the prison from the outside for her birthday. Even though her mother specifically told him not to have contact with her. It is the one sole comfort that she has.

Singing: she finds singing is her only comfort. But she reassuring and calming. She never has sung in front of people and doesn't plan too.

Carnival Corpse: She likes the rush of fighting and using her weapon to further advance her skills. Even though it could risk her life, she likes the fight.


Spiders: due to a very traumatic experience when she first came to Wonderland, her first cell, was filled with spiders, at her young age, they terrified her for months. To this day she is still terrified.

Her mother: she holds a spite against her mother due to the fact that she manipulated their town into believing that she was a killer and deserved to be locked up.

Heights: she's never been a fan of them, isn't sure why, but the height of anything make her dizzy and incredibly scared.


•To get out and prove to the world that her arrest was falsely accused, that she isn't a monster and that they have been manipulated.

•Master her Branch of Sin. It can become reckless at times, where she looses herself completely as well as her branch of sin. This "unable to control her power" is what landed her in Wonderland in the first place.

General Appearance:
Height: 5'6
Weight: 52 kilograms
Hair colour and style: Deep blue (almost navy) hair, tied in to braids, held together under her arms and at her back
Eye colour: Green
Skin tone: Pale
Physical Appearance and clothing: can be seen in a low cut v-neck black dress and small heels. She generally slender and has a large bust size. She has the build of an adult. Her mark for her branch of sin remains on her back in the middle.
Anything special: none

Arida Rose

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Re: Cortanna Kane (completed)

Post by Silver on Sun Apr 12, 2015 5:52 pm



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