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Post by ~Mao~ on Tue Apr 21, 2015 8:56 am

30th January
Prison Staff
Blood Type:
Group AB

Out of Battle:
In a word Mao could be described as a kuudere sort of character. She has an attitude towards life where she does not think that she needs anyone to support her or be by her side in general day to day life. As an add on to this, Mao prefers to work alone, not because she likes it, just because she is used to it. If one were to assist her against her wishes she would naturally either ignore them completely or brush them of. Mao takes her job as a member of the Prison Staff very seriously and is dedicated to giving it her all. Her attitude towards work is the same as daily life, although the small girl would consider her work to actually BE her life for it is all she does. Never having a break or time to do anything she wants, not that she cares about this. Her speech does not occur often and often arrives in very few words spoken in a quiet voice, even when speaking to prisoners, this gives off the impression she is a gentle person and an easy push over however when dealing with the prisoners her demands and instructions of them are always strict and enforced well. When it comes to romance, Mao treats it as if it is an infection she needs to get away from before it spread to her, and will attempt to flee a scene containing any sign of a romantic relationship between two people as it makes her feel awkward. Due to Mao rarely showing any emotion, it is hard for others to tell how she feels unless they know her well, the thing she is not so good at hiding is her fear of the dark.

Inside of Battle:
Mao functions in an almost mechanical like way when she is fighting, with swift and precise attacks resulting in only few movements to be made. She usually stays quiet in battle and will not even bother to respond to her opponents trash talk, only bothering to say small clusters of words to those she is giving orders too. Mao sticks to the rules in battle and only does as she has been instructed to do, nothing more or nothing less, deeming something as silly as a battle -in her opinion- to be not worth the hassle of extra effort.

- Being around others: Despite her lonesome personality Mao enjoys being around people as she finds them fascinating, this is also part of the reason she enjoys her job.

- Sour foods: Having always enjoyed the taste of the rather disliked by others sweets, she will be seen chomping on sour sweets in her free time alone.

-Justice: Mao enjoys- without showing it- making sure that those prisoners under her watch are treated how they deserve, often poorly. She believes this is fine as they need to atone their sins.

- Sweet foods: There is no particular reason she doesn't like any edible item that is sweet tasting, she just simply dislikes them and will always turn them down, probably disliking the person who gave it to her.

- Deadmen: Secretly, Mao is rather scared of deadmen, humans who -if that's what you can even call them- look like they have stepped out of her nightmares when using their skills.

- Straying from the instructions given to her in her job: she dislikes going wrong or doing things differently in case she is not seen as high as she is in her job.

- Find someone she can rely on: Mao has always been a girl who has favoured solitude over being a socialite, this being the reason she has no one.

- Be the best at her job: If she occurs this she will have a nice reputation and hopefully then her name will be known throughout Deadman wonderland and the prisoners will know not to mess with her.

- To overcome all of her fears: In particular the one about being afraid of getting too close to others, as she needs to learn how to trust. Is Mao has fears, she has weaknesses, things she does not want.

- Caring about something or someone: This also includes getting too close to people. Believing this will make her weaker and therefore a fail when it comes to her job, Mao has taught herself to be a closed off person to decrease the chances of this.

- Living the rest of her life in solitude: Having lived the majority of her life alone anyway, Mao knows it is not always a pleasant way to live and would like to change that in the future.

- The dark: Even Mao knows that this fear is very childish yet she cannot bring herself to overcome it, ever since she was a child she has had an immense fear of the dark and simply cannot go in it.

Hair color & Style:
Aqua blue, pale, swaying hair. Styled casually short, there is are two longer locks of hair tied up on either side of her face, hanging down and held with a black clasp.
Eye Color:
Bright, indigo coloured.
Skin Tone:
Rather pale.
Physical Appearance & Clothing:
She wears a cropped, green jacket with black trimmings and white stripes running down either side to match the jackets cuffs. The green stockings which come above her knees, attached to her belt. Her skin tight suit is shaped almost like a swimming costume and consists of mainly white, black and green.
Mao has a slender build and what may be considered a curvaceous body by some.

Mao Appearance:
Anything Special:
A thin scar on her right cheek.

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Post by Arida Rose on Tue Apr 21, 2015 8:26 pm

Approved ^^ please continue to work on any other weapons or skills outside of the general appearance of your character if you please. Skills and any other things you may want to add may be added later or in a different forum, have fun Mao, it was nice meeting you ^^
Arida Rose

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