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Equipment Information

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Equipment Information

Post by Admin on Wed Apr 08, 2015 8:11 pm

Equipment Information

For all forms of equipment be it items, weapons or armors are ranked, D, C, B, A, S. All forms of equipment are can be broken through usage apart from equipment that are B rank or higher only then can they be unbreakable. With the use of equipment characters can perform skills they might have not been able to do without them can be a passive or active skill and equipment of certain ranks have a certain number of skills they can be used to preform.

Rules for Equipment Abilities
First Rank Equipment get 2 skills
Second Rank Equipment get 3 skills
Third Rank Equipment get 4 skills
Fourth Rank Equipment get 5 skills
Fifth Rank Equipment get 6 skills

Rules for Equipment Usage
First Rank Characters - D and C Rank Equipment
Second Rank Characters: - D, C, B Rank Equipment
Third Rank Characters - D, C, B, A Rank Equipment
Fourth Rank Characters - D, C, B, A, S Rank Equipment
Fifth Rank Characters - D, C, B, A, S Rank Equipment

Power of Skills

Equipment can have a certain degree of might to them, meaning all equipment will effect an attack and how a battle will play out have and could effect the user's stats but how much each piece of equipment can boost depends on their rank and is as follows:

First Rank: +10
Second Rank: +15
Third Rank: +20
Fourth Rank: +25
Fifth Rank: +30

So a first rank basic attack with 10 Strength using a first rank weapon could go as follows:

+10 (If entire weapon boost goes into strength) + 10 skill power = 20 raw power.

Weapon Rules:

  • Each player is allowed up to 3 weapons total.
  • Only two at a time may be used in a thread.
  • Bifurcated Weapons (Weapons that can split into multiple weapons) only do a fraction of its respected damage (E.g. A D Rank weapon that splits in two each half does ½ D Rank damage, a D Rank weapon that splits in 4 does ¼ of D Rank damage and etc.)
  • No weapon can be of the same rank as another weapon the character owns.

Armor Rules:

  • Each player is allowed up to 3 different armors total.
  • Only one may be used in a thread at a time.
  • No armor can be of the same rank as another armor the character owns.

Items Rules:

  • Each player is allowed up to 4 items total.
  • No item can be of the same rank as another item the character owns.

Worm Eater upgrades can only be applied to equipment B Rank and up.

Each character gets one free piece of equipment to start off with,

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