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Skill Info

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Skill Info

Post by Admin on Mon Apr 06, 2015 11:26 pm

Every character on the site has access to a set of skills be it lock picking to a branch of sin. Your skills are closely tied to your character, and the main way of doing combat on the site though skills have many uses outside of combat as well, please keep that in mind when making them. First, every skill has a type chosen from the following three types Offensive, Defensive and Supportive, depending on how it works and can be of multiple types. Next, you have your skill slots, which determine how many differing skills you can have. Finally, for Deadmen characters there is your Blood Points (BP), which is what allows you to use Branch of Sin Skills.

Skill Slots

Skill slots are what determine how many different skills a character can have at one time. For each skill slot, characters can have one corresponding skill. For each skill slot there is an assigned Rank that determines what Rank of skill can be used to fill it. Please note that a skills Rank does not determine it's damage directly, as that is what the stats do, this on the other hand rather determines how much a skill can do overall.

Skill slots are unlocked two ways; either through leveling up and ranking up or purchasing additional slots. Below is a list of all naturally gained slots through leveling as well as how many you can have maximum. Please note that for Mythical/Elemental Branch users and Certain Position Holders you receive an additional slot per Rank.

First Rank - 4 Natural, 7 Max
Second Rank - 3 Natural, 6 Max
Third Rank - 3 Natural, 5 Max
Fourth Rank - 2 Natural, 4 Max
Fifth Rank - 2 Natural, 3 Max

Power of Skills

Skills have a certain degree of might to them, a base power amount of power. Meaning all skills have at least this much power in them based on their rank. The base power of skills is as follows:

First Rank: 10
Second Rank: 25
Third Rank: 40
Fourth Rank: 60
Fifth Rank: 90

So a first rank skill with 10 Strength/Sin Power using a first rank skill would go as follows:

10 base stat power for a first rank skill + 10 skill power = 20 raw power.

Power usage of Branch of Sin skills

Blood is the well of power that all existing deadmen characters use their Branch of Sin. Naturally have a flat 100% BP at the beginning of any thread, special circumstances excluded. Performing any Branch of Sin skill takes a set amount away from that pool, depending on the rank of the skill cast. For reference, here are the cost per skill of each rank;

First Rank  - 5%
Second Rank - 10%
Third Rank - 15%
Fourth Rank - 20%
Fifth Rank - 25%

Of course humans naturally recover blood and so will deadmen during combat based on posts per thread. Blood is recovered over time, naturally every ten posts. The amount recovered per rank is as followed, all outside sources excluded:

First Rank - regenerate 10% MP every ten posts.
Second Rank - regenerate 15% MP every ten posts.
Third Rank - regenerate 20% MP every ten posts.
Fourth Rank - regenerate 25% MP every ten posts.
Fifth Rank - regenerate 30% MP every ten posts.

With every 10 stat points in the Sin Endurance stat, the BP regeneration wait time will be reduced by one post.

Signature Skills

A signature skill, is a skill that only one person in the whole world knows how to use. It is related to the theme of their skill set and is simple in its design. Each character is capable of using a signature skill.

Signature skills give you a free extra skill slot and have half the BP cost for Deadmen characters A signature skill becomes more powerful as you rank up but still has no cost.

Every character has a total of two signature skills. Those two signature skills are unlocked at certain levels.

1st Signature Skill: Unlocked at level 14, Second Rank

2nd Signature Skill: Unlocked at level 26, Fourth Rank

When your signature skills are unlocked, they MUST equal the power of the rank they are unlocked at, and can only be edited to be stronger when you rank up.

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